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  • Reiki & Reflexology in Frederick, Maryland
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  • The Wellness Loft - Reiki, Yoga, Massage, Reflexology
  • Reiki, Yoga, Massage, Reflexology at The Wellness Loft - Frederick, MD

Welcome to The Wellness Loft

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Sometimes the most soothing treatment you can receive at a spa doesn’t consist of what is applied to your skin, but what touches your soul and calms all your senses. The state of your body and mind are woven together like a tapestry, one thread defining and affecting the other.Your thoughts are impacted by the way your body feels.

At The Wellness Loft you will be lulled by the tranquil music and calming essences of lavender, clary sage and bergamot. You will be nurtured by the caring, competent touch of Sheri Killen and her trained therapists.  You will never pay for additional services during your session such as warm towels & stones, aroma therapy, tuning forks or cupping.  All facets of healing tools are included to assist you in  a true transformational experience unique to your needs.  We are proud to walk with you on your wellness journey!

The Loft’s Value’s

Gratitude, compassion, respect, professionalism and lifelong learning